1. Build the tracking code for the link using RavenTools form:


2. Insert the tracking code into your link e.g.

<a href=”http://bigapple.com/login” onClick=”ga(‘send’, ‘event’, { eventCategory: ‘Survey’, eventAction: ‘Take Survey’, eventLabel: ‘Clicked’});”>Login</a>

3. Setup the Goal in Google Analytics:

  • Login to Google Analytics and click on Admin in the main navigation.
  • Select the Account and Property where you want to create the goal.
  • Under the View list, click on Goals
  • Click on the New Goal button, click on the Custom radio button and then click on the Next step button.
  • Name the goal and select the Event radio button.
  • Populate all of the relevant goal details (in bold):
    • Category | that matches | Survey
    • Action | that matches | Take Survey
    • Label | that matches | Clicked
    • Value | that matches |
  • Click the Create Goal button. You’re done!

Again taken from – http://raventools.com/gaconfig/google-analytics-event-tracking/general-event/

Written by Matt Cooper
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