*This tutorial assumes that you already have Smoothwall Express installed on your hardware of choice.

With BT Infinity becoming evermore available we decided to setup and test smoothwall as our Firewall of choice. After quite a bit of head scratching we were able to get things up and running.

Once you have Smoothwall up and running access the web interface (https and port 441 – http://x.x.x.x:441) and navigate to Network > Interfaces:


Here, simply select the PPPoE as the ‘Connection method:” and save. Now navigate to Network > ppp:


Here we enter a Profile name, BT username and password and the authentication method. Above is an example of the settings we used for our BT Infinity test line.

Now navigate to Control > Home and click connect. If everything has been entered correctly you should have a Firewall protected BT Infinity line. Enjoy.

Few things to note:

  • Cat 5 from white modem to smoothwall red interface
  • Cat 5 from green interface into your switch or machine
  • Firewall > Outgoing > Make sure 80, 443 etc. are open so you can access the outside world from behind the Firewall.
Written by Matt Cooper
Hi, I'm Matt Cooper. I started this blog to pretty much act as a brain dump area for things I learn from day to day. You can contact me at: matt@matthewc424.sg-host.com.