Can’t take much credit for this how to guide. I followed the post on the forum (below) and can confirm that it does work.

Tools/Materials needed:

  • Star head screw drivers (large and small head)
  • Small flat head screw driver
  • 4 core electrical cable
  • Cable stripper

Steps to install:

**Make sure power to boiler is turned off at the fuse box and tested**

1. Hook up electrical cable to heat link as shown:

N – Neutral – Blue wire

L – Live – Brown wire

2 – (Common) – Grey wire

3 – (Call for heat) – Black wire

3. Secure Heat Link inside the boiler cupboard (if possible)

4 .Remove front cover of boiler and drop down control panel

5. Remove terminal cover


6. Route the electrical cable at the back of the boiler and out through the control panel

7. Hook up the cables to the following terminals on the boiler terminal block:

Neutral – Blue wire

Live – Brown wire

*Remove the yellow link wire between terminal 1 and 2*

Terminal 1 (live in) – Black wire

Terminal 2 (live out) – Grey wire

8. Turn on power at fuse box. Heat Link should now be flashing blue (trying to connect)

9. Turn on Nest Thermostat (needs to be on its mounting plate and plugged in) > Follow steps on screen

Original post here: Any questions just shout.


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