After installing WHM on EC2 I started to setup the individual CPanel accounts with FTP accounts.

When trying to connect via FTP with a new account I got the following error with Filezilla:

‘Failed to Retrieve Directory Listing’

From carrying out some research it turns out that a range of passive ports need to be added to your Security Group. To find the passive port range used by Pure-FTP, shell into the servers and run the following:

vim /etc/pure-ftpd.conf

Search for Passive and you should see (version 60 of WHM):

PassivePortRange 49152 65534

Add this port range (49152 – 65534) to your Security Group and test with FileZilla.

* Make sure ForcePassiveIP is set to the correct external IP

**Try to lock down the passive port range to an IP range where possible

Written by Matt Cooper
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