1. Login to Router > Basic Settings > Network
  2. WAN/Internet – Type: Disabled, Bridge WAN port to primary LAN (br0)
  3. LAN –
    1. Enter IP of Access Point e.g. and Netmask of the main router e.g.
    2. DHCP is Disabled
    3. Default Gateway e.g.
    4. Static DNS e.g.

      AdvancedTomato - Access Point
  4. Wireless
    1. Enable
    2. SSID: set network name
    3. Select Security type
    4. Shared Key – Enter wifi password AdvancedTomato - Wireless Security
    5. Save

*Access the Access Point through the IP e.g. (default username and password is admin/admin)

Written by Matt Cooper
Hi, I'm Matt Cooper. I started this blog to pretty much act as a brain dump area for things I learn from day to day. You can contact me at: matt@matthewc424.sg-host.com.